Pete's Ukuleles

Here is my collection of Ukuleles, Guitars, Mandolins, and Electrics.

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The Tone-Woods Wall - Each Ukulele is made from a different tone wood:

Uke Wall

Figured Walnut
Western Red Cedar
Flaming Mahogany


Spalted Pecan
Spruce / Rosewood
Tropical Mahogany


Spruce / Cocobolo
Curly Mango
Triple A Koa


The Koa collection:

Kanile'a Ukuleles: Soprano, Concert, Super Concert, Tenor, 6-String Tenor.

Kamaka Ukuleles: Concert, Tenor.

K'aloha Ukuleles: Tenor.

Pono Ukuleles: Tenor.

Compass Rose Ukuleles: Tenor.

Collings Guitars: Concert, Tenor.

Fender Guitars: Tenor Koa Ukulele.


Kanile'a Koa Soprano:


Mahogany Concert Ukulele from Santa Cruz Guitars:


Chocolate Heart Myrtle Tenor from Mya-Moe Ukuleles:


Compass Rose Tenor Ukuleles from Rick Turner Guitars, Santa Cruz CA:

Redwood / Rosewood:


Curly Mango :



Flaming Mahagony :

Sycamore :


Cedar / Sycamore :

Spruce / Cocobolo 5-String :


Master Grade AAA Curly Koa:


Bear Claw Spruce / Curly Koa Tenor from Koolau Ukuleles:


Indian Rosewood / Sinker Redwood Tenor Ukulele from Jay Lichty Guitars, North Carolina:


Spruce top Jumbo and Baratone Ukuleles from Tony Graziano, Santa Cruz CA:


Redwood / Rosewood Tenor from Tony Graziano:


Kanile'a and K'aloha Tenors:


Concert size Ukulele from Kanile'a:


Super Concert and 6 String Tenor from Kanile'a:


Koa Concert and Tenor from Kamaka:


Curly Koa Tenor made by Pono Ukuleles:


Koa Tenor from Fender Guitars:


Koa Concert Ukulele from Collings Guitars, Austin Texas:


Koa Tenor Ukulele from Collings Guitars:


Mahogany Tenor from Collings Guitars:


Spalted Pecan Concert Ukulele from Collings Guitars, Austin Texas:


Kala Koa w/Spruce Top and Abalone Inlays


Kala Spruce Top Traveling Tenor:


and of course, a Fluke:

Then I found these three brothers... and went crazy:

Collings Mahogany C-10 with Dog Hair finish.
Collings Style-1 with Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides.
Collings 00 with Adirondack top and Rosewood back and sides.



Santa Cruz Guitars OM Redwood and Rosewood


Santa Cruz Guitars OM Koa and Adirondack


Santa Cruz Guitars OM-PW Mahogany and Spruce


Santa Cruz Guitars OO Rosewood and Spruce


Santa Cruz Guitars OM Cut-away Spruce/Rosewood


Santa Cruz Guitars All Koa 1929 OOO


Santa Cruz Guitars Mahogany 1929 OOO


Santa Cruz Guitars H13 Rosewood and German Spruce


Collings OM-2DH


Collings Mahogany C-10


Taylor Guitars Mahogany GS


Jeff Traugot Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce



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