Body Boarding at Mavericks

These photos were shot on 22-March-99. It was a gray, foggy day.
I started shooting with B&W film, so I could cut thru the fog using filters.

As the day cleared, I switched first to color neg film, (G-Plus 800) and then to Velvia.

The images were scanned at and prep'd on a Macintosh.
If you view them on a PC, they may look very dark. (Get a Mac)

While shooting these Body Boarders, I also took the now famous shots
of Sarah Garhardt, the first woman to surf Mavericks.

Mavericks - B&W Shots

Mavericks - Color Set1 - Neg Film

Mavericks - Color Set2 - Velvia

Mavericks - People Shots

Sarah Garhardt at Mavericks


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